Have you given patterned heat transfer vinyl from iCraftVinyl.com a try yet? The endless amount of options makes it a perfect fit for so many projects - and we are always adding new designs! From holiday themes to beautiful florals and everything in between, there is a pattern for everyone! And it is easier to use than you may think.

We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help make working with patterned heat transfer vinyl simple and fun - and with just a little practice, you’ll be a patterned HTV professional in no time!

Pick the Right Pattern

With so many gorgeous patterns to choose from it is easy to find one for any project you have in mind. However, some patterns won’t work for every project. When looking for a pattern, consider how often the pattern is repeated and how much white space there is - which will help you determine your design size. The repeat will also dictate where you place and cut your design to show off the most of the pattern.

Go Big & Bold

This brings me to my next point. The bigger your design is, the better you will be able to see the pattern, so always air on the side of bigger and bolder is better. If your design is too small, you may cut off too much of the pattern to be able to see what it is clearly and easily.

Cut it Correctly

To ensure your patterned HTV sheet is easy to work with, make sure you cut it correctly. Firstly, place it on your mat with the patterned (pretty) side up. Be sure you do not mirror your design (this is because our patterned HTV does not come with the carrier sheet attached). The cut setting you select is also important. I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 and I cut our patterned HTV with the “iron on” setting. If you have a different machine, I recommend using the same setting you use for our matte HTV. The material should weed easily. If you’re having trouble weeding, try a setting with more pressure.

Get Heat Transfer Mask

Since patterned heat transfer vinyl from iCraft does not come with the carrier sheet attached (because it is custom printed in-house), you will need to purchase our heat transfer mask separately. This is different than transfer tape that is used for adhesive vinyl. To use our heat transfer mask, all you do is remove the clear sheet from it’s paper backing. Apply it over your design that is cut and weeded. Burnish it with a scraper or credit card. Then remove the patterned backing. That’s it! It is ready to press!

You can watch me apply our heat transfer mask here:

 Flip it Over

One last tip I have for you when it comes to working with patterned HTV relates to heat transfer mask. After applying the transfer mask and burnishing the design, flip it over to remove the patterned backing. Removing the backing from the transfer mask, instead of the other way around, helps it come off easier - especially for smaller or more intricate designs.

Bonus tip  - if you’re still having trouble removing the transfer mask, burnish the backside after you flip it over.

Our patterned HTV is available in 12x12 sheets as well as in packs with either 4 or 5 12x9 designs. We also have a wide selection of adhesive vinyl. Be sure to check back weekly for our new patterns!

You can also check out some tips I have for pairing patterned HTV with other HTV materials here: https://bit.ly/3jSfkf8


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