With just one press, you can create magical 3D designs using our puff heat transfer vinyl. This specialty iron on material was designed to give your garments some depth, dimension and texture - and it is so easy to use!















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12x10 sheets

12x20 sheets 

In addition to answering some common questions about this new material, we also have two easy to follow tutorials below to help you get started. 

What is Puff HTV?















When heat is applied, puff heat transfer vinyl self expands to produce the raised, textured effect. The material is thin and flat before you press or iron it, and it can be applied to cotton, polyester or cotton-poly blends. 

*note: once heat it applied to our puff sheets, the shades will lighten and the colors will brighten.

Which Side Down?

The carrier sheet for puff HTV isn’t as shiny as you’re used to with our other materials. Make sure you put the carrier sheet (the “wet looking” side) face down on your cutting mat. For all the colors besides white & black, this is pretty easy to determine. Pay extra attention to the white & black - the shiny side is going to go face up. 

A Warm Peel is Important 

After you press your puff pieces, make sure you remove your carrier sheet immediately. If you leave it on too long, it could impact how “puffed” your design is. After you press, you’ll actually notice that the puff effect “pushes” the carrier sheet up. This is normal and it makes it so the carrier sheet is super easy to grab. 

Application Instructions

Puff HTV should not be layered with other materials.

  • 300º-305º
  • 10 seconds 
  • Medium pressure 
  • Warm peel 



That’s it! And now that you have all the information you need about puff HTV, you are ready to get to pressing!

Start by shopping our selection of puff here: 

12x10 sheets

12x20 sheets

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