In every crafter’s supplies, you can always find glitter - usually all over everything else 😂. The same goes for a heat transfer vinyl crafter (minus the mess). Glitter HTV (heat transfer vinyl) is a must have product! We offer one that is ultra-sparkly, beyond easy to work with, and it is available in TONS of gorgeous colors for any project

While we pride ourselves on bringing you a glitter HTV which we know will be your go-to, we want to make sure we address any questions you have about the product, and lay out all the instructions so you get the most out of these sheets. 

Keep reading for everything you need to know about glitter heat transfer vinyl - and some tips and tricks for working with the product. 

The Basics - But Make them Sparkle 

First things first, let me tell you a little bit about our glitter iron on (that’s another common name for heat transfer vinyl). It features a lightly-textured surface, which beautifully shines while reflecting light. It is such an easy way to embellish any of your heat transfer vinyl projects with a little something extra. 

And, we haven't even told you the best part yet - you CAN layer our glitter HTV. That is a pretty uncommon characteristic in the vinyl world, most other manufacturers’ glitter cannot be layered. You can layer our glitter on top of other glitter, or you can use it with one of our other layerable materials like matte, liquid metallic or printable. This feature creates endless opportunities for where and how you can use this material. 

It also has a soft feel when it is applied so you don’t get that stiffness when wearing garments with glitter. There is no lifting with our glitter, and if you ever have used glitter-anything before you know how great that is. You won’t have to worry about stray flakes on your body, clothes, craft room, floors, cats, kids... you get the picture. 

How to Make your Projects Shine 

If you’re ready to give our glitter a go, you’re going to need a few things. 

If this is your first project, start off on our beginner’s blog so you get all the ins and outs of the vinyl world. Otherwise, if you know what weeding is and what cutters are please proceed and start assembling your supplies like you're an Avenger ready to kick Thanos' butt into oblivion before he snaps his fingers and… I am getting off topic here. 

Back to what you need for working with glitter iron on. Grab your fave color (we have 30+), your HTV cutter like a Cricut or Silhouette, your heat source, a trusty weeding tool and whatever you’re pressing on.

You can apply glitter HTV with a home iron, heat press or EasyPress. But if you’re using anything besides a heat press make sure you have a sturdy surface or table to press on to ensure your material adhered properly. 

Before you cut out your design, place your glitter HTV on your cutting mat with the shiny, glitter side facing down. And be sure you have mirrored your design on your cutter’s software. Then cut your design and weed out the excess material to get it ready for pressing.

You can use the following heat instructions regardless of the material you are pressing on. Remember these are just guidelines, every press and iron is different and the temps can vary.

Glitter HTV can be applied to cotton, polyester, poly-blends, canvas, wood, glass and so much more!

Glitter HTV Instructions for Heat Press Users

Press glitter heat transfer vinyl at 305-310º for 10 seconds. If you are layering with our glitter, press all your layers for just a couple seconds using the tack down method, before doing a final press at the end. Glitter HTV is a cold or warm peel. If you’re working with a lot of layers, we always recommend letting it cool before removing the carrier sheet.

Glitter HTV Instructions for Home Iron Users

If you have a home iron, go ahead and crank that baby up to the highest setting - typically that is the cotton setting. Then press your design on a firm surface for 15 seconds. Do not use steam and do not slide your iron from side to side. Keep it firmly in one place to adhere, then let it cool before removing the carrier sheet. 

Glitter HTV in Action

Check out a few of our tutorials to see some projects featuring our glitter in action.  


Glitter heat transfer vinyl is available in 12x10 and 12x20 sheets. We frequently have the product on sale so make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter or you’re following our social media pages. 

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