Is your cutting mat no longer sticky?

DON’T throw it away or buy new ones!

When your material isn’t sticking to your mat properly it could slip while cutting, resulting in wasted sheets and a lot of frustration. Overtime dust, hair, grime and more can easily stick to your mat, impacting how well your material is adhering. When it is time to give your mat some TLC,  try using some baby wipes to bring it back to life.

Watch how I did it in this video:


Note - baby wipes, dish soap and disinfectant wipes do not remove the adhesive from your mat, which is why it gets sticky again after cleaned with these products and dried. If you use a product with an adhesive remover - like awesome spray or goo gone - make sure you re-stick your mat afterwards. Some options include an adhesive spray or Zig glue pen (but beware of putting these adhesives where your rollers touch).

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