Patterned heat transfer vinyl can be intimidating to use at first, but after you give it a try I promise you will be looking for reasons to use it! Before you start working with our patterned HTV it is helpful to familiarize yourself with the product. 

(We also have patterned adhesive vinyl sheets for decals, tumblers, etc).

cheetah print patterned HTV

What is Patterned HTV?

These sheets are available in a variety of different designs - if you name it we probably have it and if not, we can add it! We custom print these patterned sheets in house so the opportunities are endless. We have mermaid scales, buffalo plaid, seasonal, camo, polka dots and soooo much more! You can browse our selection here:

Prepping Your Patterned HTV

Our patterned HTV sheets do not come with a carrier sheet like all of our other heat transfer vinyl materials. So you will need to purchase heat transfer mask separately tp get it ready for pressing. Our transfer mask (aka transfer tape) is reusable. Alternatively, an old carrier sheet - like from our liquid or hologram HTV - will also work as a carrier sheet. 

burshed ombre patterned htv

When you cut patterned HTV DO NOT MIRROR YOUR DESIGN! You also want to make sure you place the patterned sheet on your mat with the patterned side up (the side with the pretty design), And then after you cut and weed, you just apply the transfer mask, burnish and remove the patterned backing. Then it is ready to press like normal! You can get more detailed instructions here:

Tips For Pairing Patterned With Other Materials

Have you been wanting to try patterned, but you're worried about pairing it with other materials? The biggest things you want to avoid are the design looking too busy, or the design being too small that you can't see that pattern in the material. Luckily, I have some easy tips to help  you get started and pair different materials together to achieve the best results! 

⭐️Start small: First try a design that only has patterned material, that way you get the hang of it and don't have to worry about colors/patterns contrasting just yet. Try some bold and thick text, a monogram, a logo or a silhouette of your favorite animal or character in one of the many patterns from

ombre patterned htv

⭐️Pick a repeating pattern: Look for patterned sheets where the design is tightly repeated as you're getting used to working with the material. Our ombre´, polka dots, houndstooth, plaid and leopard sheets are all great materials to start with. The designs are small and consistently repeated so parts of the patterned design won't get cut off and look wonky.

⭐️Pair with solid materials: To really frame your patterned vinyl and make it pop, pair it with a solid color. Sometimes the speciality HTV materials, like our liquid cheetah or hologram rainbow dots, can compete with the pattern and won't give you the cleanest look. But once you are getting used to picking designs for your patterned HTV, don't be afraid to try mixing some speciality materials with our more solid patterned designs!

We paired some of our spring buffalo plaid with our aqua hologram HTV for this adorable lake-inspired tank!

 buffalo plaid patterned htv

⭐️Pair with a color from the patterned sheet: For this Queen of my Castle Shirt pictured below, I knew I wanted to use the retro diamond patterned HTV sheet. I used our sky blue metallic to match the blue in the patterned sheet (which is a little more obvious in person). Starting with the pattern you want to use first makes picking a color to pair it with a little easier.

retro patterned htv

I hope these tips help you with your next patterned project! It is much easier - and even more fun- than you think! 

Here is a video to walk you through the steps below: